Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Xmas Eve

Miu-Miu decided that it was better to stay upstairs when people were carousing. I thought she might decide that, so I kept her corner of the bed free from coats. And that's where she sat, until she couldn't wait any longer and came down for kibble. That's what it's called in America. But what is it called here? Dry food. DRY FOOD. How unimaginative is that? Or cat biscuits, which is not very precise. It sounds like dog biscuits, but a dog biscuit is surely a big thing shaped like a bone, similar in some ways to a biscuit that a person might eat with a cup of tea. In what ways? Well: it's a treat, it has a biscuity texture... that's all.

Anyway, we asked a few people round whom we knew were in London for Xmas and we fed them with chilli, pilaf, sherry trifle and chocolate cake, most of which was made by Jane. I'm scared to even write about this in case someone who wasn't invited gets offended. I feel really hemmed in by this blog. I can't write stupid things in case a potential client thinks i'm too daft to work for them; i can't write serious things in case it gets boring and as soon as i write about food i feel like it's turning into something else entirely. May as well go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed this seasonal festive cheer.
h x


Kim said...

actually, i never heard it called kibble until i started hanging out with brits and kiwis...we always called it dry food! still miu miu is a very good cat, mine would have nested inside the coats.xxkim

Helen Sandler said...

I'm not sure if Miu-Miu is good so much as a creature of habit. She will sit where she always sits. If there'd been a coat in that corner, she would have sat on it.

I'm very surprised about 'kibble'. Who the hell started that? But i forgot about 'crunchies'. That's quite a nice word that's sometimes used here.

h x