Sunday, 30 December 2007


So, i've had flu since Boxing Day. No one wants to blame their friends for the bad things that happen in their lives but basically, as soon as Mich got here on Xmas Eve, she noticed she was going down with something. And 48 hours later, Jane and i started to compare symptoms.

'Do you feel weird?'
'Yes, I feel a bit weird.'
'Do you feel weak?'
'Yeah, and dizzy.'
'Do you ache all over?'
'Oh god, this can only mean one thing.'

And since then we've been sleeping as much as the cat, watching crap on telly and competing for who is less sick and therefore required to put out the bins or stumble to the end of the road to buy bread. Normal rules do not apply. We keep calling each other rude names and while watching Antiques Roadshow, started throwing grapes at each other. I just managed to stop Jane from throwing a grape at the cat. That's how far this has gone.

But on the bright side, if i can prop myself up for long enough tonight to have this whinge, maybe tomorrow i can DO SOME WORK. Isn't that what the Christmas break is supposed to be all about? Working without interruption?

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