Sunday, 16 December 2007

Bouncy castle

Some might think that a bouncy castle at a children's party in December would be a foolish venture. But i would say to them: You clearly weren't at my nephews' joint birthday party today where just such a castle was erected on the shared green in front of the house and where 22 children bounced in temperatures at least 4 degrees above freezing until the air was let out and they were told to hunt for gold chocolate coins instead.

This proved an easy way to direct their activities: castle on, they bounce; castle off, they run or eat.

After their birthday tea, during which they sat on the kitchen floor on cushions like as many well-behaved elves, the children set up an eerie chant of 'Bouncy Castle' and the attraction was re-inflated with the flick of a switch.

One of the mothers suggested it might be even more useful if the children themselves could be inflated and deflated in a similar fashion. But not being a parent myself, it would be inappropriate for me to comment.

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