Thursday, 1 February 2007

I can't keep up

I've done so much that i can't keep up. It is very strange because if i go out in london, i have to stay in for the next three nights to recover my equilibrium, but here i just keep on trucking.

Jane's here! Last night we went out with Howard for dinner and to see alternative variety at the Slipper Room. It was rather strange and thoroughly entertaining. There was an MC who was deliberately rubbish, a white nerd rapper in a neat suit who loves nerdy girls (yay!) and a burlesque laydee who came on in a giant ugly nose mask and ended up revealing three plastic breasts.

We came home in a yellow cab through light snow and this morning Washington Square was looking rather pretty. As you can see, Augie took to Jane immediately, as did Littlebit. They are now very happy and keep purring (the cats, that is).

We have tried to eat as much as possible, including Ukrainian/American brunch at Veselka (thanks for the recommendation Louise - we had eggs, Russian sausage, toasted challah) and, inevitably, dinner at the Waverly.

Other stuff i've failed to blog about: an intense poetry evening at Reading Between A & B with 3 women poets; two sessions of yoga with a lovely teacher; several unnecessary purchases (8-tool penknife, rap/hip-hop CDs by two unsigned artists, trousers the same as a pair i've got at home but SO CHEAP that i was saving money by buying them); Season 4 of the L Word (with Cybill Shepherd!); sugar in all sliced loaves; people who are offended if you won't let them give you directions; the headline FRY BABY in a tabloid newspaper about an execution; a red-headed woodpecker in Central Park this morning. That will do for now.

—H x

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