Sunday, 21 January 2007

New York New York

I've been in new york for nearly a week. On Tuesday night i helped out the Oscar Wilde bookshop crew [that there was a clickable link to the bookshop site including more pix of the event - keep up now!]. The occasion was an event for Rupert Everett to sign his new memoir. The pic shows my pal Kim, who owns the store, me and Jeffery. Rupert E shook us all by the hand. He has a swoony beauty and relaxed charisma that made my knees weak, literally.

Having watched The Devil Wears Prada on the flight over here, I was expecting NYC to be full of celebrities and publicists, so the evening was no surprise. The best bit was when a publicist in a short skirt put her hand out as she was introduced to someone and then, on hearing who he was, flapped it back against her chest without touching him.

This is Little Bit, the older of Kim's two cats. I'm feeding them while she's away. Kim left on Friday and Little Bit is my pal already, but Augie isn't quite convinced. Here she is:

Cute, huh? She has stopped shunning me and said hello twice today. I guess she's noticed who's opening those tins.

More adventures follow shortly.

—Aitch x

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