Sunday, 28 January 2007

It's all one big experiment

On Thursday I went to a one-man play called American Standard, staged by Bluemouth theatre company in an old barber-shop-cum-tailors on the Lower East Side that has been gentrified into an authentic olde barbershop-cum-tailors where a shirt costs $200. My new friend Paige and her boyfriend Alex took me. They gave a brilliant critique afterwards but i can't remember it so instead you can make do with these facts:

1. The character talked about a man called Ken Campbell who lived in London. Then after a while he said, 'What makes you think Ken Campbell even exists?' and Alex was dying to call out because his cousin is married to a man called Ken Campbell and they live in London.

2. At the end of the play, the actor told someone to count down one minute and left the room. After 60 seconds, his glamorous assistant opened glass doors onto the alleyway, and there he was up a ladder with a noose round his neck. And he jumped. Then he came alive and swung there saying his lines to us. People were walking past in the alley but they seemed used to such things.

In the picture, Paige is stopping Alex from blinking at the flash. Successfully. The next night there was more experimental doo-dah but i will start another post for that.


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